Magnetics and Magnet Printing

Custom made fridge magnets for business promotion or a personalised gift. Put your ideas on a magnet for creative promotional advertising, refrigerator doors or just collecting. Magnets are available in a range of different sizes. They are made from top quality vehicle grade magnetic material to ensure durability and quality. Small or large quantities available.

Any image can be reproduced onto a fridge magnet and text can also be added. All that is needed are good prints of the images to be used. We are able to print almost anything on to a fridge magnet making them ideal as a gift.

Vehicle magnetics are also available, allowing you to add your business branding quickly and easily, removing it without hassle whenever nessasary. Made from high quality vehicle grade magnetic sheet, vehicle magnetics can be made to any size to suit your vehicle. Promote your business with text, logos and images.

Example Magnets